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Project management is now used across all sectors and in all types of organisations as an approach to coordinating and managing change initiatives that will meet the strategic objectives of the corporate entity.
This workshop is designed to provide a solid introduction to the latest update to the most widely recognised project management methodology in the world. PRINCE2® is now effectively the de facto standard methodology for managing projects. It is used in well over 80 countries and has been adopted by organisations such as the United Nations and is the required methodology by the UK government. The PRINCE2® methodology, along with other best practice platforms, played a major role in the successful delivery of the London 2012 Olympic Games. This workshop outlines the benefits of (a) updating your certification if previously certified in an earlier version (b) pursuing certification if not yet qualified (c) an organisation adopting best practice and standardising on this well tested methodology to enhance success rates of project delivery.


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for those who are new to project management, looking to start a successful career in project management or those wanting to understand the basic principles of project management.
This workshop is designed for those who are curious about the PRINCE2® methodology and want an insight into its benefits. Project managers, project team leaders, project support staff as well as Senior managers who are considering an investment in training in PRINCE2®, PMI-PMP and APM qualified project personnel looking for an insight into the PRINCE2® methodology. Programme managers looking for a standard and consistent approach that will immediately improve successful project delivery.
This workshop is suitable for practising or potential project managers and team members who would like to a solid understanding of the most widely used project management methodology
What are the learning objectives?

In line with the key objectives, on completion of this course, delegates will be able to:
Outline the benefits of adopting a standard methodology like PRINCE2®.
Understand why PMI and APM qualified project personnel still need a methodology like PRINCE2®
Provide participants with an understanding of key aspects of PRINCE2® that will help increase project success rates
Describe briefly the practical implications of adopting a standard methodology
Identify key causes of project failure and how PRINCE2® addresses them effectively
Identify improvements that can be made immediately to improve the effectiveness of their contributions to their current projects.


No prior knowledge or experience of project management is required for this workshop.

Course Content:

PRINCE2® – What’s all the fuss about?
Benefits of Using PRINCE2®
Why PMI qualified project personnel need PRINCE2®
Structure of PRINCE2®

– The 7 Principles of Good Project Management
– The 7 Themes of Good Project Management
– The 7 Processes of Good Project Management
Effective Project Governance using PRINCE2®
How PRINCE2® helps deliver good quality
The beauty and benefits of a standard methodology
Understanding PRINCE2®certification options

Follow-on Courses:

Project Management Essentials course, PME (2 days)
PRINCE2®:6th Edition Foundation course, P2F (3 days)
PRINCE2®:6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner course, P2F&P (5 days)

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