Agile Scrum Foundation (e-Learning)


This practical course is a simple way of learning the real meaning of Agility and understand its essential differences with traditional methods. Then it is time to learn the most famous Agile framework, Scrum; with all the details of course. There are also two additional lessons on Kanban and ScrumBan at the end of the course.

What’s included?

In short, everything you need to learn the topics defined in the Agile Scrum Foundation certification program, and prepare to take its official exam with EXIN, in a simple, engaging, unboring way.


The course contains:

* A total of 6.5 hours of video, in 41 lessons
* Quizzes
* Integrated Flashcards™
* One official sample exam
* 4 simulated exams

This course is…

* Equal to a 3-day classroom course
* Fully aligned with the latest definition of the ASF program
* Accredited by EXIN
* Registered with PMI, and 21 PDUs will be offered at the end

How to start?

* The first 30% of the elearning course is free.
* You can start the course right now, even without registration, and purchase the product when you’re sure that it’s what you’ve been looking for.

About the author

* The course is written and delivered by Nader K. Rad.
* Nader is a project management author, speaker, and adviser from Management Plaza. He has written more than 40 books on the subject, and has designed about 12 classroom courses and 9 elearning courses, including this one.

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